Four Season Nature and Outdoor Scenes of Benzie County
and the Northwestern Lower Michigan Area



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Crystal River: D-163 Autumn Splendor: G-209 'Inspiration Point' Arcadia: O-326 Gateway to Frankfort: P-338 Solitude: B-134 Up the Sleeping Bear: R-383

Crystal River


Autumn Splendor


"Inspiration Point"


Gateway to




Up the Sleeping Bear

Frog on a Lily Pad: X-491

Wild Blue Iris: F-198

Cherry Orchard: N-305

Sharing Lunch: V-460

Betsie Valley Trail: Y-504

Down the Manistee: O-322

Frog on a Lily Pad


Wild Blue Iris


Cherry Orchard


Sharing Lunch


Betsie Valley Trail


Down the Manistee

Breaking Wave Over Frankfort Light: G-225

Historic Point Betsie Light: P-336

Flying High Over Lake Michigan: L-280

Northern Exposure: G-212

Breaking Wave Over Frankfort Light

Historic Point Betsie Light

Flying High Over Lake Michigan

Northern Exposure

The Split Rail Fence: X-479

Lake Michigan Sunset: D-156

Frankfort Light in the Fog: J-558

Painted Turtle: Q-358

The Split Rail Fence

Lake Michigan Sunset

Frankfort Light in the Fog

Painted Turtle

Cherry Country: B-126

Surf & Stones: D-170

Bear Lake: N-309

Carter Creek: F-194

Break of Dawn: T-415

Autumn Foliage: K-257

Cherry Country

Surf & Stones

Bear Lake

Carter Creek

Break of Dawn

Autumn Foliage

Having a Good Time: J-559

Birch and Spruce: A-118

Canoeing on the Crystal River: Z-526

Shifting Sand Dune: S-391

Summer Colors: O-327

Autumn Sunset: T-417

Having a Good Time

Birch and Spruce

Canoeing on the Crystal River

Shifting Sand Dune

Summer Colors

Autumn Sunset

Summer Contemplation: Z-518

Solar Display: H-237

North Bar Lake: U-432

A Day to Remember: F-203

Summer Contemplation

Solar Display

North Bar Lake

A Day to Remember

Elberta Beach: Z-524

Dame's Rocket: N-312

Empire Bluffs Boardwalk - Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore: S-397

At Anchor on Betsie Bay: O-325

Elberta Beach

Dame's Rocket

Empire Bluffs Boardwalk - Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore

At Anchor on Betsie Bay

Arrival of Spring: X-486

Fishing at Homestead Dam: P-350

Pileated Woodpecker: B-136

Hundreds of Trilliums: W-461

Hidden Lilacs: X-484

Ready to Pick: S-400

Arrival of Spring

Fishing at Homestead Dam


Hundreds of Trilliums

Hidden Lilacs

Ready to Pick

Platte River near Honor: C-140

A Winter Morning: Q-370

Patience: D-171

Three Curious White Tails: F-202

Autumn in the North: M-282

Casting for Bass: A-102

Platte River near Honor

A Winter Morning


Three Curious White Tails

Autumn in the North

Casting for Bass

Storm Over Point Betsie: D-164

Spring in Benzie County: W-462

Crystal Lake Sunrise: G-213

Autumn on Loon Lake: Y-503

Storm Over Point Betsie

Spring in Benzie County

Crystal Lake Sunrise

Autumn on Loon Lake

Perch Fishing in Beulah: N-314

Holiday Lights in Frankfort: M-281

Lake Ann: P-340

The Lower Betsie: O-321

Perch Fishing in Beulah

Holiday Lights in Frankfort

Lake Ann

The Lower Betsie

Cloud Reflection: L-264

Red & Gold: M-286

Exploring Crystal Lake Outlet: T-421

The Red Schoolhouse: P-349

Flowers of Late Summer: T-419

Rising Mist: E-187

Cloud Reflection

Red & Gold

Exploring Crystal Lake Outlet

The Red Schoolhouse

Flowers of Late Summer

Rising Mist

The Trail to Empire Bluffs: P-339

Betsie River: B-133

Crystal Lake Sunset: B-128

Point Betsie Light Deep in Winter: S-402

View of the Day Farm from Stocking Drive: Q-365

Edible Berries: M-287

The Trail to
Empire Bluffs

Betsie River

Crystal Lake Sunset

Point Betsie Light Deep in Winter

View of the Day Farm from Stocking Drive

Edible Berries

Benzie County Road #677: B-121

M-22 Scenic Lookout: P-343

Me and My Shadow: S-393

Benzie County White Tails: P-347

Benzie County Road #677


M-22 Scenic Lookout


Me and My Shadow

Benzie County White Tails

Let's Go Fishing: T-416

Frankfort Light and a West Wind: S-395

The Cabin: C-138

Western Sky: J-562

Let's Go Fishing

Frankfort Light
and a West Wind

The Cabin

Western Sky

South Manitou Light: H-229

Flyfishing on the Betsie: M-296

Trolling for Lake Trout: F-197

Three Raccoons: B-131

Pleasant Interlude: D-159

Benzie County in May: P-335

South Manitou Light


Flyfishing on the Betsie


Trolling for Lake Trout


Three Raccoons


Pleasant Interlude

Benzie County in May









Break Time: O-332


The Big Manistee: L-266


Autumn Colors: Z-531


Spring on the Platte: W-465


Winter on Glen Lake: F-208

Spring Arrives on Green Lake: S-392

Break Time


The Big Manistee


Autumn Colors


Spring on the Platte


Winter on
Glen Lake

Spring Arrives on Green Lake

Morning Mist: L-269

The Salmon Run: L-267

Lake Michigan Shoreline in Winter: R-380

A Perfect Formation: S-399

Morning Mist

The Salmon Run

Lake Michigan Shoreline
in Winter

A Perfect Formation

Winter Along Ellis Creek: R-382


Canadian Geese: H-234


Windsurfing on Lake Michigan: K-247

M-22 North of Arcadia: Q-357

Winter Along Ellis Creek


Canadian Geese


Windsurfing on Lake Michigan

M-22 North of Arcadia

Day Is Done: K-246

Shalda Creek: U-414

Lake Michigan north of Frankfort: S-404

Winter in Northern Michigan: V-454

The Nature Hike: M-290

Herring Conservation Area: A-110

Day Is Done


Shalda Creek


Lake Michigan North of Frankfort


Winter in Benzie County


The Nature Hike

Herring Conservation Area

Buried Forest: K-253

Beachcombers: O-319

Wild Poppies: G-222

Early Snow: U-433

Schooner Malabar: J-564

Morning Fog: W-463

Buried Forest


Wild Poppies

Early Snow

Schooner Malabar

Morning Fog

Swans on the Platte: B-127

Memorable Sunset: F-191

Trail Crossing Over The Betsie: Y-501

Sunset over Frankfort Breakwater: V-457

Swans on the Platte

Memorable Sunset


Trail Crossing Over The Betsie

Sunset over Frankfort Breakwater


At Anchor: R-375


Lake Arcadia: F-196


Hidden Pond: M-288

Summer on Bass Lake: R-373

At Anchor


Lake Arcadia


Hidden Pond

Summer on Bass Lake

Beach Walk: B-125

Fall Colors: J-565

Heavy Surf at Esch Beach: H-231

Lady Slipper & Fern: D-165

Crystal Mountain Ski Area: P-352

New Fallen Snow: T-422

Beach Walk


Fall Colors


Heavy Surf at Esch Beach


Lady Slipper & Fern


Crystal Mountain
Ski Area

New Fallen Snow









Past History: E-178


Ox-eye Daisy: A-116


Canoeing on the Platte: G-216


Leelanau Narrows: F-264


Birch and Maple: C-139

Early Spring: E-185

Past History


Ox-eye Daisy


Canoeing on the Platte


Leelanau Narrows


Birch and Maple

Early Spring

Lake Michigan at Frankfort: G-224

Autumn on Bass Lake: C-143

Sunrise: B-120

Sailing on Crystal Lake: J-563

Lake Michigan at Frankfort


Autumn on Bass Lake



Sailing on Crystal Lake





Blue Heron: A-112


Apple Blossoms: B-119


First Snowfall: D-167

Lake Michigan at Empire: T-418

Blue Heron


Apple Blossoms


First Snowfall

Lake Michigan at Empire

Winter in Northern Michigan: D-155

At Day's End: A-113

Frankfort Light: D-160

Mute Swan: N-300

Winter Berries: G-217

Summertime: F-195

Winter in
Northern Michigan


At Day's End


Frankfort Light


Mute Swan


Winter Berries


The Homestead: K-248

Empire Bluffs: B-124

Cardinal Flower: R-378

Dinner Time: O-320

Frankfort Windstorm: K-260

Interlochen Wishing Well: V-455

The Homestead

Empire Bluffs

Cardinal Flower

Dinner Time

Frankfort Windstorm

Interlochen Wishing Well

Total Relaxation: O-323

Harebell: K-249

Surf Casting on Platte Bay: K-259

Spring on the Betsie: F-206

Total Relaxation




Surf Casting on Platte Bay

Spring on the Betsie





Black-capped Chickadee: C-142


Tug on Betsie Bay: A-107


Old Mission Peninsula: P-342

South of Point Betsie: I-540

Black-capped Chickadee


Tug on Betsie Bay


Old Mission Peninsula

South of Point Betsie

Return to Port: U-436

A Day on the Snowshoes: C-151

Bloodroot: M-297

A Morning Run: I-539

Tall Timber: H-227

The Betsie Valley Trail in Autumn: I-537

Return to Port


A Day on the Snowshoes




A Morning Run


Tall Timber

The Betsie Valley Trail in Autumn

Minnow Search: E-190

Skipping Stones: W-472

Wild Sweet Pea: I-536

Waiting for a Strike: M-289

Marsh Marigolds: B-130

Winter on the Crystal River: J-555

Minnow Search

Skipping Stones

Wild Sweet Pea

Waiting for a Strike

Marsh Marigolds

Winter on the Crystal River

Crystal Lake: O-324

Windswept: O-333

Northern Michigan Summer Morning: K-255

Autumn Along #677: P-346

Crystal Lake




Northern Michigan Summer Morning

Autumn Along #677





Hepatica: N-302


Interlochen Concert: N-304


Leland's Historic Fishtown: L-270

Visiting Fawn: O-331



Interlochen Concert


Leland's Historic Fishtown

Visiting Fawn

Autumn Vista: A-106

Frankfort's Waterfront: L-278

Country Road: C-150

Loon Lake: K-251

'Tom' Turkey: N-315

The Sleeping Bear Dune: E-183

Autumn Vista

Frankfort's Waterfront

Country Road

Loon Lake

"Tom" Turkey

The Sleeping Bear Dune

Morning Frost: I-542

Frankfort Breakwater: Q-364

Portage Lake in Winter: E-181

February Morning: S-403

Canoeing the Pine: B-122

Spring Awakens: H-230

Morning Frost

Frankfort Breakwater

Portage Lake in Winter

February Morning

Canoeing the Pine

Spring Awakens

Reflection: K-252

'City of Milwaukee' Car Ferry, Frankfort, MI: F-193

Frankfort Sunset: L-271

Two Red Leaves: H-238



"City of Milwaukee"


Frankfort Sunset

Two Red Leaves

Trillium and Trout Lily: C-137

Lake Michigan at Point Betsie: E-182

Water Lilies: A-105

Cycling Crystal Lake: T-420

Trillium and Trout Lily

Lake Michigan
at Point Betsie

Water Lilies

Cycling Crystal Lake

Platte Bay: G-210

Tall Ships on Traverse Bay: J-561

Highway M-115: L-279

After the Blizzard: A-109

Spring on the PlatteĘRiver: R-388

Ransom Lake: J-553

Platte Bay

Tall Ships on Traverse Bay

Highway M-115

After the Blizzard

Spring on the Platte River

Ransom Lake

Unexpected Snowfall: J-551

Skiing the Lakeshore: N-303

North Country Trail: Y-512

Columbine: D-162

Nature's Artwork: Z-525

Cowslip: E-179

Unexpected Snowfall

Skiing the Lakeshore

North Country Trail


Nature's Artwork


Dunes Overlook: G-220

Climbing the Dunes: H-242

Down Sleeping Bear Dunes: N-313

Autumn in Benzie County : D-161

Dunes Overlook


Climbing the Dunes


Down Sleeping Bear Dunes

Autumn in Benzie County


Friendly Shark: C-145

  Lake Shore: A-103  

Wild Rose: H-228

Duck on a Rock: F-192

Friendly Shark


Lake Shore


Wild Rose

Duck on a Rock

The Old Barn: C-141

Last Light on Crystal Lake: L-268

Family Outing: H-239

Iceboating on Crystal Lake: K-262

Wild Bloodroot: N-308

At Summer's End: E-184

The Old Barn


Last Light on Crystal Lake


Family Outing


Iceboating on Crystal Lake


Wild Bloodroot

At Summer's End

Autumn on the Betsie Valley Trail: D-158

Para-Surfing on Lake Michigan: O-318

Reflections Along Deadstream Road: L-263

A Colorful Fence Post: V-456

Monarch Butterfly: W-464

Autumn Flowers: P-337

Autumn on the Betsie Valley Trail

Para-Surfing on Lake Michigan

Reflections Along Deadstream Road

A Colorful Fence Post

Monarch Butterfly

Autumn Flowers

Quality Time: G-214

Beach Grass: N-306

Mallard in Flight: D-166

Otter Creek: I-550

Quality Time

Beach Grass

Mallard in Flight

Otter Creek

River Road: L-265

Winter at Point Betsie: M-285

Frankfort's South Breakwater Light: N-310

Spring Time Blossoms: F-207

River Road

Winter at Point Betsie

Frankfort's South Breakwater Light

Spring Time Blossoms

Single Trillium: L-273

Frankfort Light on a Winter Day: J-556

Autumn on the Boardman: O-329

A Winter Sunset: A-104

Friendly Woodpeckers: M-294

Fishing the Betsie: R-386

Single Trillium

Frankfort Light on a Winter Day

Autumn on the Boardman

A Winter Sunset

Friendly Woodpeckers

Fishing the Betsie

Some Skill Required: N-316

Sutter Road: N-311

Hummingbird: M-284

Time Well Spent: A-108

Indian Trail: D-157

Ice Fishing on Crystal Lake: R-381

Some Skill Required

Sutter Road


Time Well Spent

Indian Trail

Ice Fishing on Crystal Lake

Dwarf Sunflowers: H-235

Trillium Carpet: O-317

Spring Migration: N-299

New Fallen Snow: G-215

Dwarf Sunflowers

Trillium Carpet

Spring Migration

New Fallen Snow

Autumn on the Betsie: K-254

Tranquility: S-390

Summer at Point Betsie: T-413

Daybreak: U-437

Autumn on the Betsie


Summer at Point Betsie


Waiting for a Strike: M-298

Time Well Spent: C-147

Winter on the Betsie: S-398

Memorable Winter Sunset: R-377

In Full Bloom: C-154

Waiting for Summer: H-232

Waiting for a Strike

Time Well Spent

Winter on the Betsie

Memorable Winter Sunset

In Full Bloom

Waiting for Summer

The Joys of Winter: J-552


Main Street Frankfort: I-538


Mallards at Rest: Q-359


Frankfort Beach: L-275   Making Snow: L-274  

A Benzie County Winter Sunset: W-470

The Joys of Winter


Main Street Frankfort


Mallards at Rest


Frankfort Beach


Making Snow


A Benzie County Winter Sunset

Autumn Colors 2: K-250

The Tree Farm: Q-356

Blue and Gold: E-180

The Covered Bridge: J-560

Autumn Colors 2

The Tree Farm

Blue and Gold

The Covered Bridge

Winter's Arrival: M-291

Main Street Frankfort: G-218

Winter on the Farm: R-379

Ice on Crystal Lake: K-256

Winter's Arrival

Main Street Frankfort

Winter on the Farm

Ice on Crystal Lake

The Platte Near Honor: R-385

Creek Enters Crystal Lake: C-144

Common Redpoll: J-557

Ski Trails in Sleeping Bear: Q-362

A Winter Sky: V-458

Trilliums in Profusion!: I-541

The Platte Near Honor


Creek Enters Crystal Lake


Common Redpoll


Ski Trails in Sleeping Bear


A Winter Sky


Trilliums in Profusion!









Spring Blossoms: M-293


For Peace of Mind: H-240


Spring in the Sleeping Bear: F-204


Distant View: W-466


Off the Beaten Path: Z-521


Glider over Frankfort: Q-366

Spring Blossoms


For Peace of Mind


Spring in the Sleeping Bear


Distant View


Off the Beaten Path


Glider over Frankfort

Morning on Betsie Bay: Q-367

Autumn in the North: S-396

Downstream on the Platte: T-414

At Anchor on Traverse Bay: U-434

Morning on Betsie Bay

Autumn in the North

Downstream on the Platte

At Anchor on Traverse Bay

Blue Sky Over White Snow: R-384

October in Leelanau County: G-219

Autumn on the Lakeshore: B-132 Overlooking Crystal Mountain: E-186

Blue Sky Over White Snow

October in Leelanau County

Autumn on the Lakeshore

Overlooking Crystal Mountain

Columbus' ship


The Break of Dawn: C-146


Windsurfing Lake Michigan: L-272


Lifting Fog: Q-361


Cycling the Betsie Valley Trail: I-543


Schooner Lynx Enters Frankfort: W-471

Columbus' ship "Nina" visits Frankfort


The Break of Dawn


Windsurfing Lake Michigan


Lifting Fog


Cycling the Betsie Valley Trail


Schooner Lynx Enters Frankfort

Trailside Encounter: C-152   An Early Snowfall: L-276  

Salmon Run on the Betsie: F-201


Serviceberry (Shadbush): M-295

  Bald Eagle: H-241   When Day Is Done: Q-354

Trailside Encounter


An Early Snowfall


Salmon Run on the Betsie


Serviceberry (Shadbush)


Bald Eagle


When Day Is Done

Onekama Sunset: F-205 Waiting to Sail: G-211 Family Outing: P-353 Breaking Waves: U-435

Onekama Sunset

Waiting to Sail

Family Outing

Breaking Waves

Goodbye to Summer: E-188 Evening at Pt. Betsie Light: G-223 Frankfort Light at Sunset: D-169 Morning Has Broken: K-258

Goodbye to Summer

Evening at Pt. Betsie Light

Frankfort Light at Sunset

Morning Has Broken

Evening on Loon Lake: U-416


Sunset over Frankfort Light: A-101


Trails End Road: A-115


Matching Colors: C-153


Autumn in Benzie County: F-200


Frankfort's South Breakwater Light: H-233

Evening on Loon Lake


Sunset over Frankfort Light


Trails End Road


Matching Colors


Autumn in Benzie County


Frankfort's South Breakwater Light

Save Me Some: D-172                    

Save Me Some


Northport Marina: H-236

Winter Comes to Frankfort: P-341

Early Morning on M-22: O-328

Swans on the Boardman: P-348

Northport Marina

Winter Comes to Frankfort

Early Morning on M-22

Swans on the Boardman

The Walk to Goose Park: G-221a


Distant Sail: U-431


Approaching Storm: L-277a


Betsie Valley Trail View: P-345a

The Walk to Goose Park


Distant Sail


Approaching Storm


Betsie Valley Trail View


Autumn on the Manistee: R-372


Winter Sunrise: V-459


Winter on Otter Creek: O-334


Morning Frost: Z-520

Autumn on the Manistee


Winter Sunrise


Winter on Otter Creek


Morning Frost


Yellow Breasted Goldfinch: Q-360


Fun on Lake Michigan: B-129


Red Berries on White Snow: A-111


Mid-winter at Point Betsie: F-199

Yellow Breasted Goldfinch


Fun on Lake Michigan


Red Berries on White Snow


Mid-winter at Point Betsie







Goodbye to Winter: C-149


A Pleasant Evening: Y-502


A Sure Sign of Spring: X-487


In Full Bloom: U-413

Goodbye to Winter


A Pleasant Evening


A Sure Sign of Spring


In Full Bloom








Summer on Crystal Lake: R-387


A Gathering of Turtles: W-467


Downstream on the Platte: U-415

"Lake Express" visits Frankfort


Summer on Crystal Lake


A Gathering of Turtles


Downstream on the Platte


A Winter Morning: X-480


Crystal Lake: M-283


Cycling at Ransom Lake: A-114


Rainbow East of Arcadia: E-189

A Winter Morning


Crystal Lake


Cycling at Ransom Lake


Rainbow East of Arcadia

Cone Flowers: Q-363


Frankfort View from Elberta: P-354


Dune Grass: W-477


Morning on Crystal Lake: X-482

Cone Flowers


Frankfort View from Elberta


Dune Grass


Morning on Crystal Lake

Glider view over Frankfort: Q-368


Benzie County #606: I-544


Floating Leaves: M-300


Fun time on Otter Creek: R-371

Glider view over Frankfort


Benzie County #606


Floating Leaves


Fun time on Otter Creek







Flying Skill: A-117


Blue Heron & Whitetails: S-405


Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: W-473


Flying Skill


Blue Heron & Whitetails


Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore



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